Empro carries a complete line of high quality lubricants for all makes of Passenger Cars and Light Duty Vehicles. From Fully Synthetic, Ultra High Performance to Mineral Grades oil for every-day use. Empro Passenger Car Motor Oil is blended using high qulaity base oil and additives which helps to protect your engine, gives your peak performance and meets international and OEM specification. Empro also provides customised lubricants grades which meets European and Japanese specifications.

Empro Enzo PCMO Product Range

5W-30 API SN Fully Synthetic Ultra High Performance PCMO
5W-40 API SN Semi Synthetic High Performance PCMO
10W-40 API SN Semi Synthetic Extra Performance PCMO
20W-50 API SM Mineral Premium Grade PCMO
10W-30 API SM Mineral Premium Grade PCMO

Other Available Grades under Enzo range

10W-30 API SN Fully Synthetic Fuel Eco
10W-40 API SM/SL Mineral Premium Grade
15W-50 API SM/SL Semi/Mineral Premium Grade

Other specification upon request and MOQ

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