Empro HHDEO encompasses a wide range of products meeting Euro I, II, III, IV and V emission requirement, runnung under severe operating conditions.
Empro HHDEO are formulated for Long Haul Trucks, Buses, Haulage, Excavators, On and Off Highway Trucks and any other Diesel engines requiring heavy duty performance and excellent protection. Recommended for turbocharged and intercooled direct injection high performance Diesel engines fitted with blow-by recirculation.

Empro Agni Multi Grade HHDEO Product Range

15W-40 Meets API Specification CJ4/SM, CI4/SL, CI4 Fully Synthetic
15W-40 Meets API Specification CJ, CI, CI4, CH4 and CF4/SG Multi Grade Premium
20W-50 Meets API Specification CF4/SG Multi Grade Premium
10W Meets API Specification CF Multi Grade Premium

Other specification upon request and MOQ applies

Empro Agni Mono Grade HHDEO Product Range

SAE 30/40 Meets API Specification CF Premium Mono Grade

Other specification upon request and MOQ applies

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